My Favourite Places Under £10 – Assa, London

I met a friend in London last Friday night as we were getting a bus to Cardiff early Saturday morning. Short, bank holiday weekend away for some sight seeing and coffee drinking! I met her at a pub in Bayswater, and after a drink we decided to grab some food (by this stage it was… Continue reading My Favourite Places Under £10 – Assa, London

Banh Xeo – Vietnamese Savoury Pancakes

I first discovered Banh Xeo whilst attending a cooking class at the Morning Glory cooking school in Hoi An. I have dreamt about it ever since. In February 2013, I met my family in Vietnam for a 3 week holiday, a 21st birthday holiday for my younger sister - a tradition that our family started… Continue reading Banh Xeo – Vietnamese Savoury Pancakes