Mint Chocolate, no cheese Cheesecake

I have to be honest, I don’t usually like sweet things. I much prefer savoury, and I rarely have dessert! Somebody recently pointed out to me that I haven’t put any sweet recipes up, and I was reminded of this recipe. I made it purely out of interest, and it was really delicious! I came…… Continue reading Mint Chocolate, no cheese Cheesecake

Stuffed Squash with Pork, Leeks and Thyme

This dish is a real comforting dish. It’s one of the first dishes I cooked when finding out I had a damaged gut, so it made me feel better knowing I can eat tasty goodness like this. The pork ends up sweet and meaty, with a nice lemon acidity, surrounded by the juicy flesh of…… Continue reading Stuffed Squash with Pork, Leeks and Thyme