My Favourite Places to Eat in Brighton for £10 or less

I thought that while I’m not travelling anywhere new, I should write about my current town of residence, Brighton. This is a local food blog after all! Now I wouldn’t say Brighton has the authentic to the area dishes that I would usually write about. I mean, there are plenty of cheap and local eats…… Continue reading My Favourite Places to Eat in Brighton for £10 or less

Stuffed Squash with Pork, Leeks and Thyme

This dish is a real comforting dish. It’s one of the first dishes I cooked when finding out I had a damaged gut, so it made me feel better knowing I can eat tasty goodness like this. The pork ends up sweet and meaty, with a nice lemon acidity, surrounded by the juicy flesh of…… Continue reading Stuffed Squash with Pork, Leeks and Thyme

Paleo Sushi

I LOVE sushi, but I know that although the tasty little morsels seem fresh and healthy, the glycemic load in rice says otherwise. I came across a Paleo Sushi  recipe online awhile ago and I was intrigued. I know that rice is not considered paleolithic, as the rice we eat today was created after the…… Continue reading Paleo Sushi

Larb Salad

I love making Larb Salad. It’s really easy, pretty cheap, and super filling. It’s extremely moreish, with the salty, spicy ground meat, fresh herbs and zingy lime – all wrapped up in crunchy lettuce. I first tried Larb in Vientiane, Laos, where it is regarded as their national dish. Larb can be made with any…… Continue reading Larb Salad

Vietnamese Mango Salad

      Mango salad is one of my favourite dishes to make, as it is relatively easy and tastes so damn good. It is super fresh and full of flavour with a good balance of sweet, sour, tangy and salty. I love the crunch of the crispy fried shallots and white onion, alongside the…… Continue reading Vietnamese Mango Salad

Sarawak Laksa

In 2010, my boyfriend and I spent 5 months in South East Asia, starting in Singapore, then travelling to Malaysia, Borneo, Thailand, Cambodia & Laos. We tried 3 different types of Laksa during our travels, but there was in one in particular that was definitely my favourite. The Sarawak Laksa. What is Laksa you ask?

Banh Xeo – Vietnamese Savoury Pancakes

I first discovered Banh Xeo whilst attending a cooking class at the Morning Glory cooking school in Hoi An. I have dreamt about it ever since. In February 2013, I met my family in Vietnam for a 3 week holiday, a 21st birthday holiday for my younger sister - a tradition that our family started… Continue reading Banh Xeo – Vietnamese Savoury Pancakes