30 Day Paleo Challenge – Week Two

There are many different reasons that people decide to follow a paleo diet, but one thing that we all have in common is we want to cut out all of the unnatural foods that are available today, so we can feel good. The point of doing the 30 day challenge is to eliminate all toxins, sugar…… Continue reading 30 Day Paleo Challenge – Week Two

30 Day Paleo Challenge – Week One

Beginning of week one: 8.4kg over goal weight I thought I would write a weekly update to share what I have been eating, and how I am feeling each day. Most of it’s probably boring to you, and I hope that I don’t bore you! But any ideas are good ideas right, and I hope…… Continue reading 30 Day Paleo Challenge – Week One

30 Day Paleo Challenge

At the time of writing this, it is the day before I will be starting a 30 day Paleo challenge with a friend. We have both followed a strict paleo diet before, so we both know how amazing it makes us feel, but find it hard to get motivated to be strict all the time…… Continue reading 30 Day Paleo Challenge

‘Creamy’ Garlic Mushrooms with Almond Milk and Nutritional Yeast

A friend asked me the other day how she could make creamy mushrooms that were healthy and weren’t made with dairy. I thought about the ingredients that I happened to have at home at the time – almond milk and nutritional yeast? So I bought some mushrooms, and went straight home to give it a…… Continue reading ‘Creamy’ Garlic Mushrooms with Almond Milk and Nutritional Yeast

My Favourite Places Under £10 – Assa, London

I met a friend in London last Friday night as we were getting a bus to Cardiff early Saturday morning. Short, bank holiday weekend away for some sight seeing and coffee drinking! I met her at a pub in Bayswater, and after a drink we decided to grab some food (by this stage it was… Continue reading My Favourite Places Under £10 – Assa, London

Egyptian Dukkah

Dukkah brings back lots of childhood memories for me, dipping bread in olive oil, then in the Dukkah, and eating it with the grown ups at friendly get-togethers. It is an Egyptian spice mix, which in Egypt it is sold as street food, in paper cones, with warm pita bread for dipping. The word is…… Continue reading Egyptian Dukkah

Mint Chocolate, no cheese Cheesecake

I have to be honest, I don’t usually like sweet things. I much prefer savoury, and I rarely have dessert! Somebody recently pointed out to me that I haven’t put any sweet recipes up, and I was reminded of this recipe. I made it purely out of interest, and it was really delicious! I came…… Continue reading Mint Chocolate, no cheese Cheesecake