2020 – The Year I Gave Up Drinking

I woke up this morning wanting to write. I have been getting more and more inspired lately by talented influencers and leaders around me so today is the day I want to start to share my journey and story around how I ended up giving up drinking. I’m a bit nervous about posting this as…… Continue reading 2020 – The Year I Gave Up Drinking

A New Adventure…

I have to start by saying sorry for the radio silence on here – this year has been a whirlwind of summer travels, work and socialising leaving me minimal spare time to give to my blog. I’ve even been less busy on Instagram (sort of), but if you wanted to see what I have been…… Continue reading A New Adventure…

My Local Diary: April 2017

Well, I had a LOT of good food in April let me put it this way. There is no wonder that by the end of the month I called a reset onto myself and decided to give up drinking, sugar, grains and dairy to try and make myself feel normal again! It was a great…… Continue reading My Local Diary: April 2017

My Local Diary – March 2017

Yup another late post, I have been quite busy again! Last week I had 8 days off work to travel around the countryside and London and it’s been lovely… More of that later down the line though. This is all about March. March begun on the Eurostar to Paris where I have just posted about…… Continue reading My Local Diary – March 2017

My Local Diary: February 2017

Well, this is rather late but I have been super busy posting other things and trying lots of delicious food. Work has been quite crazy as it’s peak season so my weekends have involved minimal thinking and as much countryside as I can too. I have been craving the outdoors lately but I love it!…… Continue reading My Local Diary: February 2017

My Local Diary – January 2017

I am writing this on my first day off after seven days. It’s now Feb, but I have been sticking to my one post per week and feeling pretty smug about it. I hope they been enjoyed by some. Daz and our flatmate have gone snowboarding for the week and I have the whole house…… Continue reading My Local Diary – January 2017

My Local Diary, February 2016

February was a month of lifestyle changes, home cooking and healthy eating after the ever so indulgent January last month. I really want to get my health on track, feel good about myself and stop feeling tired with no energy all the time. From February onwards, I have been exercising regularly, eating loads of vegetables,…… Continue reading My Local Diary, February 2016

My Local Diary, January 2016

January is a depressing month for most people – Christmas is over, it’s freezing, rainy, grey, dark, and it’s when a lot of people decide to do dry January, doesn’t it sound like the worst time of year to stop drinking? I definitely think so, which is why I didn’t. It is also the busiest…… Continue reading My Local Diary, January 2016

My Local Diary, A Summary of 2015

So I know it has been a verrrrryyy long time since I have written anything on here and I have felt super bad and guilty about it. My domain even expired and I nearly thought of giving it up! Then I remembered all the work that had gone into this previously and I how much…… Continue reading My Local Diary, A Summary of 2015