A New Adventure…

I have to start by saying sorry for the radio silence on here – this year has been a whirlwind of summer travels, work and socialising leaving me minimal spare time to give to my blog. I’ve even been less busy on Instagram (sort of), but if you wanted to see what I have been up to then pop over and say hello.

Anyway, I wanted to announce our next adventure as I’m super excited and it needs to be shared!

sunset and view of brighton from stanmer

After 7 years of living in beautiful Brighton, Daz and I are leaving with a backpack towards South East Asia before flying back to New Zealand! Brighton is where I have really been able to be myself and find out who that is, which I think is down to it’s minimal judgement and liberal thinking ways. It is somewhere I have really felt at home and will certainly be missed.

Family is a massive pull for me to come back to New Zealand, but after 11 years of living away, we are feeling quite nervous as well! I am very excited to see everyone and also travel around the beautiful country that it is.

So what’s the plan?

We fly from Gatwick on November the 22nd, to Singapore and then the Philippines. After here we are not sure, we want to keep it open and see where the wind takes us. It’ll be somewhere in the South East and then we’ll be surprising Mum and Dad at home (so I can’t give away our arrival date or where we are flying to NZ from).

When we get to NZ we’ll be travelling around as much as possible before looking for work, whether it’s working from home or taking a part time hospitality job. At the moment we are not making any decisions about whether we stay or leave as we would like to keep all options open by not closing any doors. Daz has signed a career break agreement with his work where he has to let them know by June whether he will come back or not so that’s the time frame we have to make our decision!

philippines planning travel

I really want to keep blogging when away and will be trying it on the road but I can’t promise anything as I know what I’m like! I do think though that without other job focuses I will need something to challenge me and may be able to make it work.

You can expect to see airline reviews (as I will miss selling flights), foodie recommendations and any sort of travel advice I pick up on the way.

The places in the Philippines we are aiming to visit are: (so if you have any tips then send them my way!)

  • Manila
  • Banaue
  • Coron
  • El Nido
  • As much of the rest of Palawan
  • Donsol (ethical whale sharks)*
  • Cebu

*  Swimming with whale sharks ethically is important to me as I am very passionate about sustainable travel and making minimum or only positive impact when travelling. I have heard many horror stories about some of the places in the Philippines feeding whale sharks so they are present for tourists, but then them finding themselves poked and prodded or kicked by tourists trying to get the best selfie. I found this blog post this morning which explains a bit more in detail so check it out and spread the word!

Oh, and my blog is about to get a revamp, wohoo! One of my close friends Nola did a graphic design course last year and has an amazing creative talent. We have been discussing the possibilities of a logo and she has found a new theme to suit. She is hoping to have this completed before we leave so do watch this space! I am very excited to check it out. You can view her website here to check out her work ❤

So that’s it! In approximately 6 days time I will be unemployed, own nothing but a backpack with some shoes and clothes and will be free in the world. I am so so excited and can’t wait to share all the local things I find!


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