My Local Diary – January 2017

I am writing this on my first day off after seven days. It’s now Feb, but I have been sticking to my one post per week and feeling pretty smug about it. I hope they been enjoyed by some. Daz and our flatmate have gone snowboarding for the week and I have the whole house to myself and haven’t known what to do with myself! I don’t remember the last time I had to myself and it is exciting, can’t wait.

January has been a month of ups and downs, for those who don’t know I work as a travel agent so January is the busiest month of the year for me work wise. Last year I did dry January, partly in support of a close friend’s newly discovered pregnancy, and to jump on the bandwagon as well. This year, I started off saying no way, as a nice drink helps me get through the madness, but I soon realised it didn’t at all.

I was having a glass of wine in the evening to help wind down, but I felt as the week went on it only made me feel weary and less clear headed so I naturally cut back and stopped altogether for a couple of weeks. I also joined up with a personal trainer with a friend from work, as a way to lose weight and start feeling fit and healthy again so cutting back drinking came with the healthy eating etc.

The personal training has been going well, it’s definitely a good motivator and I have been supporting it with extra exercise and eating well during the week. I did have a busy weekend last weekend with a friend’s 30th and then a few dinners and a trip to London so I haven’t been good this week, but I am determined to not give up and keep going!

Here are some mainly foodie highlights for January anyway:

I started the year with a means to go on and made myself this delicious breakfast of potato rosti, topped with homemade pea and ham soup, homemade glazed ham chunks and poached eggs. It was very good and I was most impressed with those poached eggs.

potato rosti poached egg january 2017

I went to Sainsbury’s on Boxing day in December and bought a lot of reduced meat, it was great! One of them was the ham used above, and the other was porchetta ready to roast, that I used the leftovers for this Thai fried rice. Sounds random but it was really tasty and the pork really worked!

thai fried rice january 2017

This next one is when I kick started the healthy eating again and stocked up on good breakfast options too. It was smoked mackerel with scrambled egg, spinach, and seeds mixed with dehydrated sauerkraut! Sounds very healthy I think.

scrambled eggs breakfast january 2017

OO I posted a recipe on the blog for Pulled Pork with pink pickled onions and cabbage. It’s one of my favourite slow cooker meals and healthy dinners, with so much zest, spice and flavour and it’s so easy as well.

pulled pork recipe january 2017

We got some snow! There was quite a bit up our way and here is a pic of the footpath. There were cars with a good thick layering on them as well but they’re not my cars so felt weird posting a pic on here without their permission.

snow january 2017

I went to Nuposto on West street for a pizza fix, okay so maybe the healthy eating hadn’t quite started properly but I had made an attempt! Featured below is the burrata dish, followed by the Sorrento pizza which I can’t ever avoid as it’s just so good! Gluten free base of course, theirs are some of the best. Nice and pillowy and homemade too, not bought in.

nuposto burrata january 2017

nuposto gluten free sorrento pizza january 2017

I FINALLY got my Instant Pot home and tried out cooking a whole chicken and it totally blew my mind! I posted another recipe (go me) as the chicken was absolutely delicious and fell off the bone. If you haven’t bought one yet you need to get one. Even if you don’t cook that much, as once you find out how quick and easy and tasty everything I am sure you would start cooking more!

chicken instant pot january 2017

I made flatbreads with gram flour and stuffed them with lamb, and pink [ickled onions and red cabbage. I took pictures throughout in hope they would result in a recipe, but when I tried to make them again I failed. So back to the drawing board on that one sorry.

flatbread gram flour lamb gluten free january 2017

I found the best noodles ever! They are made from Konjac flour, a soluble fibre derived from a Japanese plant that virtually contain no calories. I have used them many times now, and they are so versatile and pretty much have no carbs either so guilt free! I just found a good deal on Groupon where they are around £1.25 a pack, instead of these ones which cost £2 at Sainsbury’s. Have you tried them? What do you think?

naked noodles kinjac gluten free low carb january 2017

I found daffodils at Sainsbury’s! Seriously the best morning ever, and I bought four bunches for work. They brighten up any day, and a sign that the weather is hopefully getting warmer and the days lighter too.

daffodils january 2017

Oh yes, had a laab salad evening – I didn’t eat this all to myself in one sitting though, ha! You can read my old recipe here, it’s a goodie. I make it without rice though now, I don’t think it’s really needed.

laab salad gluten free january 2017

A friend and I walked from Elm Grove to Lewes, along the Juggs Walk route and it was so pretty! I wrote a blog post about it with a little review of where we had Sunday lunch as it was yummy! If you’re in Lewes, you should check out Rights of Man it was good.

south downs january 2017

sunday roast beef rights of man january 2017

I created another Instant Pot recipe using pork ribs and making a tasty broth too. My Instagram post created a lot of love, and a friend of mine cooked the recipe a few days later too! I used the Naked Noodles as well and they worked perfectly. Will try and make it again to take more pics and post the recipe here too.

instant pot recipe low carb january 2017

I was invited last minute via Restaurants Brighton to go along to Senor Buddha’s Fish Thursday evening, which occurs on the last Thursday every month. The menu is created the day before based on what the fisherman brings on a Wednesday, and costs £35pp for 5 courses including a dessert. All the dishes included fish of course, and are fresh and light and along the same theme as Senor Buddha – Asian-Spanish fusion tapas. Lee is so passionate and the head chef’s cooking was brilliant, and they also have fantastic wines to match. I would highly recommend booking their next one as the value is very good.

fish thursday senor buddha menu january 2017

fish thursday senor buddha menu january 2017

For my friend’s 30th, we walked from Devil’s Dyke to the Shepherd and Dog in Fulking, before heading out to Dandelion Cocktail bar in the evening. The Shepherd and Dog was very good, I have posted a few pics below of the food, because the lighting was good and the food was delicious! They are very gluten free friendly, and the pub has loads of character and charm. They boast a lovely wine list, lots of different gins, and craft ales, beers and ciders too. The walk only takes around 40 mins, but make sure you wear your welly’s if it’s been wet!

shepherd and dog fulking january 2017

shepherd and dog fulking pea and ham soup gluten free january 2017

shepherd and dog fulking pork belly

Last but not least, I had the delish food from E-kagen Japanese supermarket next to the Sainsbury’s on New England road. They are my go to for a hangover cure, and the pics below include chicken teriyaki and octopus balls, hell yeah! They will heat the food for you and do sushi early lunchtime in the week, you just have to get their early. It’s a great Japanese supermarket and sell very reasonably priced sashimi grade fish too!

ekagen japanese food brighton january 2017

That’s ended up as more a lengthy post than I was expecting, as you can see I cooked more from home this month which was good for the bank, but tried some real local gems as well which made me happy. If you have any questions comment below, and thanks again for reading!

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