My Local Diary – A summary of 2016

Why hello there everyone, aren’t we all glad 2016 is done and dusted? I have to say it went by quickly and was extremely busy for me! Hence the lack of posts on my poor, beloved blog.

But, as I do every year I think, hey! This is something you have put a lot of time into before so why waste it? I love writing, I especially love writing about food and travel, and sharing inspiring experiences with others too (when I have them).

So here I am. Writing again, yay! I’m gonna aim for a monthly thing and see how I go. For those who know me, you will know my UK visa is due to expire at the end of this year and myself and Daz will be on the road again so need some practice. I can’t blimming wait.


I am super sad to be leaving all of my wonderful friends I have made here, and also my job as I don’t think I would be able to find anything quite so perfect. But, travel always wins and I am really keen to see the world and see family and friends in the Southern hemisphere again. More about that later so watch this space!

So what’s been happening for the past… 11 months?! You can check my Instagram feed for starters… Or read below for my foodie travel highlights:



It looks like I dropped off the radar again as you didn’t hear another post after Feb. I kept up the healthy eating for the first part, and then we went to a friend’s wedding in Connel, Scotland and it all went out the window. It was absolutely beautiful though and I would recommend that area of the British Isles for a visit! We went and stayed with my lovely family in Bute afterwards, I love it there so much. I discovered the best gin ever called The Botanist, all the ingredients are foraged from around Scotland to make the unique and clean flavour.



Spring arrived in abundance and my garden was taking off! I loved this month at home, and I bought loads of little plants and herbs for my greenhouse. Also had a really tasty first roast at the Gladstone, Lewes road! It’s still great by the way so check it out if you haven’t already. I also went to Rootcandi, the completely plant based tapas restaurant on Western road – definitely worth a visit for something different. Oh and I visited Pelham House in Lewes which exceeded expectations, the quality of food was excellent.



Foodie highlight was attending the Salt Room – what a night that was <3. Me and my friend shared a seabass, had some delicious wine and got to try their famous Taste of the Pier dessert. Went for a lovely review at The Schooner down in Southwick for an evening meal. Really great simple food in a lovely setting over the marina and it’s still got a good rep! Bluebells arrived at Stanmer Park which was an absolute highlight for me, and oh, we went to Sumatra!



We spent 2 weeks in Sumatra from the end of May through to June and travelled from the North down to Padang and Cubadak in the West. You can read my blog on Rickshaw Travel’s website for a summary of our trip as it was AMAZING! I highly recommend this beautiful Indonesian Island for an ultimate, off the beaten track experience with the most friendly locals and stunning landscapes.



I went with a friend to Grow 40 on Kensington Gardens for a food and wine pairing meal that was absolutely wonderful! The sommelier was brilliant and the food was much more refined and quality. Chilli Pickle also happened which was great as always, I haven’t had a bad time there. I also went to beautiful Rye and stayed in a wee cottage with some girlfriends, what a perfect little getaway!


We visited all the best local restaurants and strolled along the sweeping shores of Camber, I couldn’t believe we were in Sussex when we were there! Ah, July also included my first visit to Semolina, and it was outstanding. Simple food cooked to absolute perfection. There was also a Gin Festival (it was AWESOME) and I went to Lucky Beach for the first time for brunch and it was great. What a good foodie month!



A couple of my friends live in Manchester so I decided to pay them a visit. One lives in Levenshulme and is a foodie like me, so we ate our way around the city this weekend. I fell in love with the city though – the exciting bars, restaurants, cafes and vintage shops were such a treat! It was like a mini London, if only the weather was better and I would move there in a heartbeat. It was also Daz and mine birthday so we had a BBQ at Stanmer Park with friends and it was perfect. We also went back to the Salt Room for a special birthday treat!



One of my best friends in Brighton had a baby! He is adorable and it was very exciting. I also took Daz to Rye as he hadn’t been before, and we spent the day and night eating and drinking all the delicious wine and food. Standard! Towards the end of the month, we then went to Greece with some friends, Daz works for Neilson Holidays so we got a mega discount on one of their adventure beach holidays in Sivota Greece! It was my first all-inclusive beach stay holiday so I was really nervous, but after a busy year with life and work, I really needed it.



October took me to Riddle and Fins with my girlfriends, and we were wined and dined completely. Oysters, champagne the works, it was fab! From what I remember, the rest of October was spent at the gym after an indulgent week in Greece and summer. Actually, I did an excellent foodie photo session at the Salt Room with Xavi (XDB Food Photography), a local Brighton food photographer. You can check out his website here!



I saw Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them – if you haven’t watched it then you gotta! A friend and I also went to what used to be Binari*, a Korean BBQ restaurant on Preston Street. They serve hot pot which had the most amazing tasting broth, and the beef was so tender and delicious. I need more Korean food in my life I think. *I can’t remember what the name is now but the sign on the front of the restaurant is something completely different! I also did a fab wine tasting at Seven Cellars, an independent wine shop in Brighton and you can read my review here.



Daz and I decided to take the ferry across to Dieppe as a short break which was lovely! We had so much yummy French wine, I am still dreaming of it…. We also visited a couple of great restaurants, with my favourite being La Newhaven along the waterfront, all French seafood dishes and it was truly a dream. I am in love with French cookery it’s just so good! I bought back some wine and cheeses from a local supermarket which was enjoyed over Christmas 🙂 I also went with a few friends to the wonderful Fourth and Church which I only have good things to say about, please go there if you haven’t already!


There ya have it, my foodie highlights and travel adventures of 2016, and I am hoping this year is going to be even better. Follow my Instagram for regular pics of my home cooking and restaurant and travel adventures! If you search the hashtag #wtltr and then a place name, you will see if I visited there and what I recommend! Eg #wtltrbrighton etc etc

Sorry for the shameless plug but it’s for your benefit! Hope you all survive the cold (or summer) of January and I’ll see you in Feb if not before 🙂




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